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 One of my favorite restaurants. Most definitely an iconic Paris, TX lunch spot. Drew Crawford is a great guy whom I've never heard a bad word about my whole life. Glad to call him my friend and I think I speak for everyone that frequents this establishment when I say everybody feels like family when they walk through the doors. The bread pudding is phenomenal. Absolutely, hands down, without a doubt the best I've ever eaten. Family dining at its finest. If you haven't eaten here, you don't know what you're missing! Get here early though, because the line is to the door and seating can get scarce! 

Facebook Review



Great place to eat! We stopped here on a road trip with our youth group. The staff was so nice to accommodate such a large group and the food was amazing! We group really liked the burgers, the spicy chicken sandwich, and the chicken salad sandwich with fresh fruit. Also, for dessert we had a delicious bread pudding and a caramel banana pie. YUM!   




Amazing chicken fried steak, amazing patty melt, and amazing bread pudding


The name says a lot but not all!! It is small, if you blink you might drive right past it! But don't let that happen!! This place is GOOD! Just had the chicken fried steak and told them it was my first time there as it was. And got a free bread pudding! I used to have a cafe and made my own bread pudding and I am here to tell you it was GOOD! Top 3 in my book. It always amazes me how people say ooohh I don't like bread pudding then they try some as good as this and change there tune!! I am sure I will be back! So far best food in Paris Texas!!